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Lumileds has introduced the Luxeon UV U1 series of ultraviolet and violet LEDs. The Luxeon UV U1 LEDs feature chip-scale package technology and boast one-fifth the size of other UV and violet LEDs with the same output power.


According to Lumileds, the UV U1 LEDs are surface mountable and can be spaced in tight arrays merely 200 microns apart. Lumileds claims that this close spacing can enable high power density of Watts/cm2, as well as superior efficiency, and design freedom. The company made the UV U1 undomed to enable precise optical control.


The LEDs can be used in a broad range of UV and specialty lighting applications. The violet models of the UV U1 LEDs have wavelengths from 400 to 420nm, and the ultraviolet version feature wavelengths from 380 to 400nm. The small LEDs have a 2.2mm² SMT footprint that Lumileds contends enables the highest W/cm2 power density. They can be powered at up to 1A drive current in an aluminum nitride (AlN) package. The device has a thermal resistance as low as 3.5 K/W.


When driven at 1A, the 400 to 410nm and the 410 to 420 nm violet versions can have an output of up to 1378 mA. The LEDs can be used in analytical instrumentation, medical, Security, UV curing, and UV photoreaction applications.