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Taskwell Factory & Warehouse lighting products

Utilizing a variety of power supplies, protection devices and installation methods to optimize product performance, price or lifetime. Our unique photoelectric technologies ensure long time working comfort, whilst better thermal management also ensures that the products maintain performance over a longer period, to reduce maintenance.



Taskwell Down-light series
Often used in retail stores/malls, for higher cost performance suitability, with its high color rendering (CRI), shows items in a truer, more vibrant color, to maximize customers shopping experience.



Taskwell Landscape lighting products
Using our rich design experience, to provide better lighting service; Our more energy-efficient, more reliable & durable products, with simple installation accessories, allow building owners or designers to fully explore building and natural scenery fusions, that enhance user experience or comfort.




Taskwell Intelligent control systems and products

Incorporating smart control into your lighting, not only improves the stability or efficiency of the lighting concept, but with the inclusion of smart switching/dimming, color control, light & motion sensing or wireless or wi-fi communications can easily enhance the entire beauty or usability of any building, making life more interesting and convenient.